Earth Solutions Group Custom Website and Process Management System

DCODE has worked with the Earth Solutions Group to deliver a brand new custom website and process management system into the business. This system focuses on the key requirements of needing to integrate a system to be able to track every element of their business.

Our brief was to deliver a custom system that allows for high level detail tracking of every business component.

The system that's been implemented sees the merging of 3 systems into 1. By doing this, Earth Solutions Group can manage their online forms, job management at their sites as well as reporting. Offering integration with ASIC, it allows for verification of ABN's. Another necessary feature this system sees the integration of timesheets for staff.

The crux of this brief was to deliver a custom, high-level detail system to be able to track the analytics of the business allowing data to be on hand for every element of the business at every given moment of the day.