3 Important Reasons Your Website Needs to Use HTTPS

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HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is used by over 50% of all websites on the internet and is one of the most critical elements for the security of your website and your visitors. The two major functions of HTTPS for a website are to: 1. Encrypt and protect information sent between the user and the website 2. To validate the authenticity of the website. These are critical to protecting users online.

DCODE Blog: 3 Important Reasons Your Website Needs to Use HTTPS

In recent times, HTTPS certificates have also weighed on SEO rankings. In 2014, Google released the HTTPS ranking boosts which gave a small rankings boost to HTTPS URLs, but Google has just announced that boost isn't going to get stronger

Regardless of this, these are 3 very important reasons you need to be using HTTPS on your website:

1. HTTPS protects the your site integrity

HTTPS prevents 3rd parties (legitimate or not) from interfering with communications between your site and your visitors browsers. These 3rd parties can be malicious or just annoying companies who want to inject ads into pages. The issue here is that this can trick your visitors into giving up information to these 3rd parties. As well as creating security vulnerabilities, it also can potentially break a well designed user experience.

2. HTTPS protects user privacy and security

Simply, HTTPS stops 3rd parties from passively listening to communication between your site and your visitors. A single visit to one HTTP site might seem harmless, but consider this, these 3rd parties then begin to make inference about this visitor's behavior and intention which could incidentally de-anonymise them.

3. HTTPS is the future

The fact that the number of sites with HTTPS is 50% is growing speaks for itself. Furthermore though, HTTPS is key to many permission based workflows such as geo-locators. These API's are being updated to reflect this.

Just in case that's not enough of a reason, later in the year Google will be adding a feature (in-Chrome only) to name and shame non-secure sites. Any site that has a form to fill out or search box will automatically have a "not secure" message appear.

If you're one of the 50% without HTTPS, then it’s never too late to switch. Not sure how? Send us a message and we can get this implemented for you.