We build websites & web-based software and consult you on how to use technology.

DCODE is a team of business consultants, IT consultants and system developers working together to help make technology simple for business. We're designing and developing websites, web applications, online stores and custom business solutions in the cloud as well as providing strategy and advice to businesses about their technology requirements.

Technology can be a great enabler to help facilitate and manage business processes, but sometimes it can also be daunting and difficult. That's were we come in ...

Our aim is to understand your problem; identify and present solutions; then work with you and your team to put in place, the systems, processes and technology to achieve the desired result.

As a small organisation, we are flexible and work with individuals, small to large businesses as well as other web/design agencies to offer specific business, analytical and technical know-how.

We've put alot of work into the content of this website, but sometimes nothing beats a call: so contact us today for an obligation free discussion of how we can work together.

What Does "DCODE" Mean?

We derived the company name from the concatenated version of: decode - meaning:

convert (a coded message) into intelligible language

As a "translator" for technology, we feel that this is a good fit for our business name; we see ourselves as the interpreters for technology in business.

Who Are We?

We're not your standard IT company ... because despite having a technology focus, we've all got business backgrounds. In fact, our team qualifications include, Information Systems, Commerce, Business Brokerage and Real Estate.

This means that not only do we understand technology, we also understand a wide range of industries and how technology can be used in those industries. And as a client of DCODE, this experience can be used to benefit you and your business outcomes.

What Do We Do?

Our specialty is "systematizing" business processes using technology. In plain-text - we look to identify re-curring processes in your business; define those processes; and then use technology to help you replicate, deliver and manage those processes.

In some instances, we can use off-the-shelf software. While in others, we can design and build custom software that meets your specific requirements.

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